Moat Lake

Day Ticket Price – £11

Match bookings please call Dax on 07974000230


All Anglers Must Sign in & Out for every visit – Located at the Café Please note the closing time when signing in

A beautiful mature water of approximately 1.5 acres with 3 islands. 18 Pegs Heavily stocked with Tench, Golden Tench, Crucians, Bream, Barbel, Chub & Roach. Catches often exceed 100lbs

This lake is a great alternative to the modern day commercial water

Moat Lake Rules

Children under 16 must always be accompanied by an adult.
Day ticket price is per person, you may share a peg.
Only bait to be used include Maggot, Caster, Worm, Bread, 1 Tin of Sweetcorn, Hemp, Tares.
Only fishery pellet & fishery ground bait to be used.
You can use your own pellet hookbaits as long as they are not loose feed.
No meat or fish-based baits including: spam, dog meat/biscuits, prawns etc.
Only fish from allocated pegs.
Only one rod to be used at any time.
No whips, all poles must have adequate elastic.
Barbless hooks only, maximum size 10. Smallest size 16, Single hooks only!
Please return fish to water in your landing net promptly.
Do not hold fish standing up, if taking photos please kneel down with unhooking mat underneath.
Fishery provided nets only to be used and returned (Does not include handles or bank sticks).
Fishery only unhooking mats to be used and returned.
No Fires/BBQ’s.
Take all litter home with you, bins are not provided.
Do not move from one lake to another.
Use toliets provided, they are located on the complex map.

For Further Information, please call the tackle shop on 07410 705882