Oaks Lake


Time to arrive for each lake is either 8am or 9.30am

When gate opens please drive down to office and someone will meet you there, they will sort any pellet or ground bait out you require.

Please note you can leave at any time during the day but must be off site at the time which is stated on the front of office.

Please note we do have family pegs available (see lake descriptions) and are designed to be shared by more than one angler.

If you are unable to book online then please call/text Dax on 07974000230. Between 8am and 7pm

Bait Prices

Pellet – £3.00 per bag
Sinking: 2mm, 4mm, 6mm & 8mm
Floating: 4mm, 6mm & 11mm
Hooking Pellet: £3.00 Tub
Groundbait – £3.00 per bag

Fishery Rules

Only bait to be used on Oaks, Islands & Moat lakes includes Maggot, Caster, Worm, Bread, Sweetcorn (Max 1 small tin per person), Hemp & Tares.
Fishery-bought ground bait and Fishery-bought pellet.
No particle bait to be used
Other bait restrictions include; only use pellet & ground bait purchased from the fishery.
NO meat baits allowed on any of the lakes
Barbless hooks only on all lakes.
Fishery-provided nets only (does not include handles or bank sticks).
No fires.
Take all litter home.
Do not move from one lake to another.
Only fish from allocated pegs.
Only one rod to be used at anytime on Oaks/Moat/Island lakes.